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It was a real honour to take part in I’m a Scientist this year, we had a lot of fun in the Healthy Cities Zone. I was really impressed by all the questions from the students and the great answers from the scientists but it all flew by so quickly. The second week was really exciting with the eviction days and I was thrilled to get into the finals but honestly didn’t expect to win! As the results were announced live in the chatroom it was really nice to have so much support from the schools and other scientists taking part and one of my favourite messages was ‘Well done, a big cheer went up in our classrooms!’ so thank you to everyone who took part.

Of course it wouldn’t have been the same without the other scientists (who were amazing and all deserved to win) as well as the hard working moderators making sure that everybody was in the right place and the right time and that the questions stayed on topic so we could answer as many of them as possible in the short time available. The chats were fast paced and difficult to keep up with at times but the quality of the questions really demonstrated how well the students already understand some of the bigger environmental issues facing us globally as well as more locally in our towns and cities. I hope as scientists that we were able to plant the seeds of new ideas and innovation through the direct chats and question sessions.

Engaging with children at an early stage in their education is very important, giving them the confidence and knowledge that they can go on to study science at a higher level and that it can lead to a varied and exciting career. It’s also reassuring for me to know that some of the students who took part will be inspired to become the future generation of scientists, helping to design our cities with cleaner, healthier spaces for us all to live, work and play in.

For any scientists or schools who are considering joining a future I’m a Scientist event I would highly recommend it, not only is it part of the STEM engagement for the kids but everyone who took part this time benefited… and it makes learning fun!

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